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Clarity for cyclists needing glasses: The benefit of cycling glasses

Here at Echelon, we provide prescription cycling glasses for cyclists whether you are a professional or cycle for fun. Here we will look at the benefits of wearing glasses for all cyclists.

Many cyclists will use standard sunglasses for cycling to reduce wind and sun in the eyes. However, glasses for cyclists help to do much more than that. Your eyes are protected from [potential damage and harm as well as helping you to see your way more clearly which in turn keeps you safer on your cycling journey.

Let’s look at some of the benefits here of cycling glasses to all your budding cyclists out there.

Protect from debris – Using cycling glasses will help to protect your eyes from any debris on the road or track. This can include flies and bugs, leaves, pebbles, and stones as well as dirt and mud which can kick up as you are cycling from the wheel.

Wind protection – Cyclists can hit some high speeds, and this can cause wind to tear up your eyes. This in turn will blur your vision and this can then cause a safety issue if you are not able to see where you are going very well. Cycling glasses will help to prevent this.

Rain protection – Using cycling glasses will help to protect your eyes from the rain as they will block the rain from getting into your eyes helping to ensure your vision is not impaired.

Clear vision – Our glasses will make sure that not only is the glare from the sun restricted you will be able to use high c contrast visibility which will ensure you see objects and potential hazards easily.

Protection – Another benefit of cyclin glasses Is that they will protect your eyes if you should have a fall or accident. They can help to break a fall and protect your face from debris and rocks.

Protection from UV – Another fantastic benefit of our cycling glasses is that you are protected from UV rays to keep your eye health safe and your path of vision clear.

Comfort – cycling glasses can provide enhanced comfort and performance for riders. The ergonomic design of cycling glasses ensures a comfortable fit, reducing discomfort and allowing cyclists to focus on their ride. Some models even come with interchangeable lenses, enabling riders to adapt to changing light conditions.

Focus – cycling glasses can contribute to improved performance by minimising distractions and enhancing focus. By providing a clear, unobstructed view of the road or trail, riders can maintain better situational awareness and react more quickly to potential hazards.

Style – cycling glasses can also serve as a fashion statement, allowing riders to express their personal style while on the bike. With a wide range of designs and colours available, cyclists can choose a pair of glasses that complements their cycling gear and overall aesthetic.

Investing in a quality pair of cycling glasses can greatly enhance a cyclist’s experience on the bike. From improved safety and protection to enhanced performance and style, these glasses offer numerous benefits for riders of all levels. Contact Echelon today to explore our selection of prescription and non-prescription cycling glasses, and take your cycling experience to the next level.

If you need prescription cycling glasses or any cycling glasses, Echelon Eyewear are here to help. We have experts in all areas so contact us today for more information. You can rely on our experience and expertise to match you with the perfect pair of cycling glasses that will work best for you.

With Echelon’s wide range of cycling glasses, you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect pair to suit your needs, ensuring a safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable ride every time.

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