Sports – Cycling

Whether you’re a casual summer cycler, a commuter, or training competitively, having the right protective glasses can transform any cycling experience.

With Echelon Eyewear’s extensive range of cycling prescription sunglasses, you no longer have to choose between comfort, practicality, or style. We stock some of the top brands in the UK and beyond, so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs.

How to choose the best prescription cycling glasses

Choosing the right cycling sunglasses for you is largely down to personal preference, but there are also some key elements to consider before you make your choice:

Size and shape

A regular pair of prescription sunglasses may be your current choice for cycling, but many of them aren’t suitable for moving at faster speeds. Dust, debris, and insects can affect your vision when cycling, so you need reliable eye protection.

That’s why cycling sunglasses are usually larger and shaped specifically to protect your eyes from more than just the sun. Picking a pair of prescription sunglasses specifically designed for cycling is often your best bet.


The great thing about sports sunglasses is they are designed to be comfortable and lightweight. Try to pick a pair that won’t be too heavy or bulky for the most comfortable ride. Some brands offer extra thin lenses to enhance comfort and reduce unnecessary weight.

Lens type

Different brands offer different types of lenses. Some will offer polarisation to reduce eye fatigue or specialist technologies for more accurate colour representation. If you have a special prescription, for example, astigmatism, then it’s best to find brands that specialise in a wide range of suitable lenses.


Many sunglasses are not very adjustable, but if you’re investing in a pair you’ll use regularly, comfort is a must. You may want to find a pair with adjustable nose pads or even swappable lenses for different scenarios.

Best brands for prescription cycling glasses

There is a broad range of options on the market for cycling prescription sunglasses, but some of our favourites are:

Bollé Tempest Sunglasses – Ideal for higher prescriptions, these glasses come with B-thin lenses and adjustable nose pads for ultimate comfort while cycling.

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