Prescription Sunglasses for Skiing

For skiing enthusiasts, a good pair of sunglasses is essential for a day on the slopes.

We stock a range of ski prescription sunglasses so that you can find a pair that’s protective, comfortable, and right for your eyesight.

How to choose the best prescription skiing sunglasses

Sunglasses vs. goggles

The first choice to make is between sunglasses and goggles. Goggles will give you an extra level of protection with more coverage and a wider field of vision.

However, some people prefer to stick with sunglasses as they’re lighter and you can keep them on for afterwards and still look stylish.

Ski goggles work slightly differently from sunglasses when it comes to prescriptions.

You will need a prescription insert to slot into your goggles to correct your vision. This is due to practicality and cost because goggle lenses sit so far away from your eyes it’s difficult to make suitable prescription lenses.

Polarised lenses vs. photochromic lenses

Polarised lenses are a popular choice to reduce glare from the snow, but there’s a downside to this type of lens. By reducing glare, it makes it harder to see icy patches that could cause an accident.

Alternatively, photochromic lenses are another popular pick for skiing because they can adapt to changes in lighting and become darker in bright sunlight.

Impact-resistant lenses

To stay safe in the event of a fall, impact-resistant glasses or goggles are a must. Try to find a pair with polycarbonate or Trivex lenses which will make your glasses much more robust.

Best brands for prescription ski sunglasses

With a huge range of prescription ski goggles and sunglasses on the market, it’s a tough choice to find the right pair. These are some of our current favourites:

Adidas ID2 Pro Prescription Goggles: These prescription ski goggles are ideal for all light conditions and come with an orange lens to improve depth perception and contrast.

Oakley FLAK 2.0 XL: These prescription ski sunglasses are a great choice if you want glasses suitable for both the slopes and leisurewear.

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