Wiley X Trex -Gloss Black -CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Grey


Dispatched within 7 – 10 days

Dispatched within 7-10 days


Explore the world with courage and style!
If equal parts performance and style is what you are searching for, the WX TREK is here for you. The sunglasses’ modern, rectangular silhouette gives you an uncompromising and cool look, and with the rubberized nose pads, they will stay in place all day long, no matter your activities. Additionally, it comes with our side shields that are quick and easy to attach or remove, adding an extra layer to the function of the sunglasses. So, whether you are trekking, road-tripping, or exploring nature, you will do so in style, with the WX TREK.

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Grey lenses
The lenses equalize the visible light spectrum to help light enter the eye more uniformly. They keep most colors neutral while enhancing greens. They reduce glare across reflective surfaces, while contrasts and colors in outdoor environments are highlighted.
100% UVA/UVB protective
Blue Light (HEV) protective
Lens base color: Grey

High performance during:
– Intense sun/bright sun
– Outdoor sporting activities
– Deep water fishing, as they maximize the reduction of excess blue light (HEV) that is reflected by the water
– General daytime outdoor activities
– General day driving

– Rubberized nose pads
– Removable side shields
– Extra side shields for permanent installment
– Leash cord
– Case
RRP £175


The CAPTIVATE™ lens technology redefines what you can expect of your sunglasses. With this superior lens technology, we have meticulously engineered a filter for your sunglasses, which filter out harmful light and elevates your visual performance by enhancing colours and contrasts and increasing clarity. With CAPTIVATE™ your colour perception is not only redefined, but we have also set a higher bar for what sunglasses can be for you.

The polarized filter creates vertical openings for light, meaning that only vertical light waves can reach your eyes, whereas horizontal light is blocked. Horizontal light waves are the glare that is generated when vertical light hits a shiny surface, for instance a wet road, the car windshield, and especially water. The horizontal light appears as a strong glare that jeopardize your vision and makes it difficult for you to navigate. The polarized filter eliminates this glare and helps you stay focused and relaxed all day without experiencing headaches or eye fatigue.

It is not only the skin that can be harmed by UV-rays, but your sight can also be diminished. If your eyes are exposed to the sun, long and intensive radiation can lead to an infection of your eyes’ conjunctiva or cornea. That is why it is so important to use sunglasses and eyewear with UV-protection. Our lenses all ensure you 100% UVA/UVB protection, assuring you protection from harmful rays that can lead to permanent eye damage.

All Wiley X lenses are treated with our T-Shell™ scratch resistant coating, which will protect the lenses against damage and extend their life span. With Wiley X you not only get lenses made from the high-quality material, polycarbonate, but also lenses that are coated with this top-of-the line hard coating, which ensure your lenses’ durability.

An oleophobic coating is an anti-smudge coating. The application of the coating gives you a pair of lenses with a much smoother surface, which helps you from keeping dust, oil, dirt, and water from sticking to the lenses. Ultimately, this helps in preventing smudging and water spots on your lenses, making them much easier to clean and making it easier for you to maintain a cleaner surface for a longer time.

An anti-reflective coating eliminates the distracting light reflections on the back surface of your lenses, making sure that light does not bounce back into your eyes and distort your vision. Lenses with an anti-reflective coating reduces blur and reflected images on the back surface of the lenses and will not only give you extra comfort and visual clarity, but also ensure optimal conditions for your polarized filter.

All Wiley X eyewear comes with our shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses. This material is super durable and strong, and we use it to ensure that our rigorous testing can be carried out, so you can get lenses that are certified to the toughest optical safety standards.

Triloid™ Nylon is the toughest non-metal material available. It not only gives you lightweight comfort, but it also extremely strong. Among other, it is thanks to this highly durable material that WX eyewear can withstand the rigorous safety tests that we certify all our eyewear to. It might have a light and plastic feel, but TriloidTM Nylon is much stronger and of a higher quality.

Impact Protection ANSI Z87.1
ANSI Z87.1 tested means that the frame and lenses meet or exceed specific safety ratings set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), who has developed a certification system for safety eyewear in the US. As an American brand, we test our eyewear to pass a high velocity impact test and a high mass impact test, as dictated by ANSI.

The high velocity impact test demands that the frame and lenses must withstand the impact of a 6,35 mm steel ball fired at 164,6 km/h, while remaining intact. The high mass impact test demands that the frame and lenses must remain intact while withstanding a 500 grams pointed projectile that is dropped down on the eyewear from a height of 127 cm.



Frame Colour

Lens Tint

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Grey




Width 142mm

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