Wiley X Vapour 2.5 -Matte Tan Grey/Clear

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Fearlessness, boldness, and versatility!
The WX VAPOR 2.5 combines its lightweight frame with an aggressive design, an outstanding field of view, and thin rubber-tipped temples that gives a unique, bold look, packed with versatility. The flexible frame guarantees a fit on all head shapes, and the rubberized twist lock nose piece will ensure you a superior grip during almost any activity. Designed with style and comfort in mind, the WX VAPOR 2.5 is a pair of protective eyewear that is here to keep you safe from unexpected impacts.

Grey/Clear shields
The grey shield absorbs all colours equally, making it preserve the same colour perception as without eyewear. It is perfect in bright light conditions, it ensures maximum glare reduction, and is perfect for all outdoor activities in bright conditions.
100% UVA/UVB protective

With the clear shield you get maximum light transmission, making you see the precise color values. Ideal for hazy or overcast weather, as well as dusk/dawn conditions and indoor use.
100% UVA/UVB protective

– Adjustable Twist Lock nose piece
– Rubberized temples
– Leash cord
– Cleaning cloth
– Case

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Our changeable lenses provide you with exceptional protection and visibility in any environment. You can easily swap out one lens/shield for another, giving you the power to adapt to any light conditions you might encounter or venture out into.

It is not only the skin that can be harmed by UV-rays, but your sight can also be diminished. If your eyes are exposed to the sun, long and intensive radiation can lead to an infection of your eyes’ conjunctiva or cornea. That is why it is so important to use sunglasses and eyewear with UV-protection. Our lenses all ensure you 100% UVA/UVB protection, assuring you protection from harmful rays that can lead to permanent eye damage.

All Wiley X lenses are treated with our T-Shell™ scratch resistant coating, which will protect the lenses against damage and extend their life span. With Wiley X you not only get lenses made from the high-quality material, polycarbonate, but also lenses that are coated with this top-of-the line hard coating, which ensure your lenses’ durability.

All Wiley X eyewear comes with our shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses. This material is super durable and strong, and we use it to ensure that our rigorous testing can be carried out, so you can get lenses that are certified to the toughest optical safety standards.

Triloid™ Nylon is the toughest non-metal material available. It not only gives you lightweight comfort, but it also extremely strong. Among other, it is thanks to this highly durable material that WX eyewear can withstand the rigorous safety tests that we certify all our eyewear to. It might have a light and plastic feel, but TriloidTM Nylon is much stronger and of a higher quality.

With the adjustable nose piece you are given a perfect fit that accommodates any face/nose bridge, so that you are ensured a slip-free and comfortable wear. A cool feature that can be adapted to match your nose and face. It is also designed to hold a prescription insert, if needed.

Impact Protection ANSI Z87.1
ANSI Z87.1 tested means that the frame and lenses meet or exceed specific safety ratings set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), who has developed a certification system for safety eyewear in the US. As an American brand, we test our eyewear to pass a high velocity impact test and a high mass impact test, as dictated by ANSI.

The high velocity impact test demands that the frame and lenses must withstand the impact of a 6,35 mm steel ball fired at 164,6 km/h, while remaining intact. The high mass impact test demands that the frame and lenses must remain intact while withstanding a 500 grams pointed projectile that is dropped down on the eyewear from a height of 127 cm.



Frame Colour



Lens Tint

Clear, Grey


Width 142mm

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